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Learn the power of your smile, tone of voice, facial expression, and body language and start putting into people what you want back!
Using my proven 5 “STEPS” method you can communicate better on the phone and face-to-face in all kinds of situations with all kinds of personalities and have fun doing it!
Whether it’s customer service, getting along with coworkers, sales, networking, or even doing a presentation…“What you say and How you say it” decides how successful you are going to be!
Sign up today for this amazing seminar!
Location: Inn of the Hills, 1001 Junction Hwy., Kerrville, TX 78028
Admission: $49.00 per attendee
Call Sid to sign up or for a free consultation at 830-285-1314.
In this seminar I cover:
  • The surprising secrets to giving great customer service!
  • Telephone skills that will get you results!
  • How to get people to listen and respond to you!
  • How to get along with co-workers!
  • The signals you are sending and how to take control of them!
  • How to control people’s perception of you!
  • The power of empathy and the difference it makes!
  • The benefits of commending!
  • How to have fun & be happier every day (and show it)!
So who is this guy anyway?
Sid gave his first presentation on February 8th, 1970 and has been teaching the art of “What to Say & How to Say It” and sharing his “5 STEPS” method ever since!  He combines his powerful message, humor, and insight with an entertaining twist, creating a dynamic learning experience that transforms the way people relate to themselves and others! He will have you laughing and learning at the same time! Sid is a published author and humorist who does make a difference!
Sid will show you how to Smile, Laugh, and Have Fun with customers, fellow employees, and even those you live with!
I am available for in-house seminars, keynotes, workshops, employee meetings, and consulting!

Sidney C. Hurlbert
Mobile: 830-285-1314
P.O. Box 293806
Kerrville, TX 78029