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You’ll laugh and learn at  the same time with Sid!

85% of your success in life comes from “people skills”…your ability to communicate!

Don’t wait for the happy bus to come…it might not stop!

Improve employee morale and customer service in just 5 “STEPS”!

Research shows that happy employees:

· provide better customer service
· get sick less often
· make fewer mistakes
· are more helpful to others
· are more productive
· are less stressed
· are healthier
· are more successful in life

Whether you are a manager or an employee, my 5 “STEPS” are life changing!

You will be amazed at the power of each of the following steps!

· Smile
· Tone of voice
· Expression/Facial
· Posture/Body language
· Start putting in to people what you want to back!

85% of success in life comes from “people skills”!

Over 100,000 people have attended my seminars!

Some of the things you will learn:
·The surprising secrets to giving great customer service!
·Telephone skills that really make a difference!
·Why customers quit and how to prevent it!
·The signals you are sending, how they impact your life, and how
to take control of them!

·How “habits” can hold you back from success and what you can
 do about them!

·Ways to deal with inappropriate behavior!
·The secret to defusing upset customers and even stressed

·The power of empathy and the difference it makes!
·The benefits of commending!
·How to have fun & be happier every day (and show it)!
  So who is this guy?

Sid gave his first presentation on February 8th, 1970! He combines his powerful message, humor, and insight with an entertaining twist, creating a dynamic learning experience that transforms the way people relate to themselves and others! Sid is a published author, and humorist!

Comments from recent attendees:
·Speaker was not boring, he was funny and had great information – very   truthful – Sid is a great battery   charger for the soul!
·This was life-changing!
·Loved, loved, LOVED the speaker!
·Sid was great, not only did I have a great time, but I know he made a   difference in my life and I will show it in   everything I do.
·I’m taping Sid’s STEPS card to my computer monitor!
·I will never forget this seminar!
 Sid will show you how to Smile, Laugh, and Have Fun
 with customers, fellow employees, and even those you live with!

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